Marlon & April

Anniv Message : Marlon & April

Thanks Mam Hazel Estrella-Escarilla for always remembering our special day! ???? Your team have been part of our lives, not only during our wedding day.. Wishing you more and more clients ahead of you and success in your business! Regards po sa hubby and babies nyo po!

Marlon & April
Christ the King / Glass Garden
May 7, 2014
Nyhorm & Arlene

Anniv Message : Nyhorm & Arlene

Thank you Ate Hazel! Isipin mo 8 years ago na un noong nakikipagtawaran ako sayo...hahaha

God bless you. Missing you

Nyhorm & Arlene
Notre Dame De Vie Chapel / Fernbrook Gardens
May 1, 2010
Jet & Lea

Anniv Message : Jet & Lea

Hehe! Thanks Ms. Hazel our best coordinator ever!

Jet & Lea
Malate Church / Palacio de Maynila
Apr 29, 2017
Edwin & Espie

Anniv Message : Edwin & Espie

Thanks Miss Hazel! Walang palya sa greetings every year..:)

Edwin & Espie
Santa Clara de Montefalco / The Glass Garden
May 1, 2012
Atty. Jhun & Grace

Anniv Message : Atty. Jhun & Grace

Bilib talaga ako sayo Ms. Hazel. Haha never niyo nakalimutan. Love love love :) thanks po

Atty. Jhun & Grace
INC / The Glass Garden
Mar 12, 2013
James & Dr. Julie

from FB : James & Dr. Julie

James and I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our family, relatives and friends who spent their time to witness our special day and to show their full support to us.

We also like to thank everyone who made our big day possible.

Photo/video: Edu S. Cortez of ExtremeDetails Photography

Coordination: Hazel Estrella-Escarilla of Events Ezzentials

Gowns (bride and mothers): Jeq Liwanag

Entourage gowns: LoveC Manila

Hair and makeup: Madella Santos De Leon and Albert Antazo of The Makeup Studio

Entourage makeup: Bea Baylosis Carino

Strings: Manila Philharmonic

Lights and Sounds: Sound level Pro

Venue: The Atrium at Enderun Colleges

Church: National Shrine of the Sacred Heart, Makati


James & Dr. Julie
National Shrine of the Sacred Heart / Enderun Colleges
Apr 7, 2018
Fe Dela Paz

from FB : Fe Dela Paz

Thanks Hazel! We are happy with your team's very good service. Keep it up!

Fe Dela Paz
Christ the King / The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan
Feb 17, 2018
Jeremyh & Janine

Vitasa - Esteban Wedding

Thank you so much Ms. Hazel sa lahat lahat kahapon! God bless you more and more power to Event E Team :)


Hi Mam Hazel! Grabe iba talaga kayo magtrabaho. Galing ng team nyo. More power to you, your husband and to your team.

We will really miss you maam. Wedding preps spiced up with you and your team:)


Jeremyh & Janine
Twin Hearts / Gazebo Royale
Mar 10, 2018
Fidel & Dory

Anniv Message : Fidel & Dory

Hello Hazel! thanks for remembering! feeling ko punung puno na ang calendar mo sa mga weddings na hinandle mo...hehehheh thanks much uli and God bless you, your family and syempre ang business! :) love love love

Fidel & Dory
Caleruega / The Clearwater House
Mar 15, 2015
Dexter & Katrina

Anniv Message : Dexter & Katrina

So sweet of you Ate Hazel! Thank you for always remembering :)

Dexter & Katrina
Christ the King Glass Garden
Mar 29, 2014
Satya & Ghia

Anniv Message : Satya & Ghia

Thanks Hazel Estrella-Escarilla! You are very thoughtful..Much appreciated

Satya & Ghia
Notre Dame De Vie Chapel / Fernbrook Gardens
Apr 2, 2011
Johnny dela Merced, Emcee

Supplier's Testi : Hosting by Johnny

Thanks mam! Great team! Nice working with you! God bless

Johnny dela Merced, Emcee
Enderun Colleges
Apr 7, 2018
Anjo & Pauline

from FB : Anjo & Pauline

Nice Ms. Hazel din pala ang wedding coordinator nyo Jean :)

Anjo & Pauline
Immaculate Conception / Obispado de Cubao
Mar 19, 2016
Airose & Leonie

from FB : Airose & Leonie

Thank you Ms. Hazel! We will be forever grateful to you and your team :)

Airose & Leonie
Santuario de San Jose / Oasis
Apr 23, 2017
Jeremyh & Janine

from FB : Jeremyh & Janine

Hi Ms. Hazel and the rest of the wonderful ladies of #EventsEzzentials ! Thank you very much for making my wedding preparations and up to our wedding receptions program a VERY VERY successful one! Me and Jeremyh were really amazed by your team’s execution of what has been discussed during our planning stage. Thank you for being our “second mother” on that wedding, we felt that this job is not called a “job” anymore. The more appropriate phase “a tender loving care of a relative” – and we appreciate this very much.�Our wedding is not complete without you and your team in the picture. All we hear during and after our wedding regarding Events Ezzentials are good, positive and very well-coordinated feedbacks. They feel that you and your team are in the authority. Despite of being certain and strict of the program and schedule, you still give way for some minor changes especially the moment of one of the closest uncle of my dad who surprisingly sang 2 additional songs because he was amazed on our wedding preparations – na feel lang talaga niya yung wedding naming and it made most of our guests enjoy the whole program.

We will never forget the times when we were with you from the planning up to the last hour of our program. Ma mimiss namin ang inyong pagiging strict and very loving aura. We definitely gave to our guests an enjoyable, memorable and wonderful celebration.

We will miss you Maam Hazel. We love you! �-Janine and Jeremyh #JandJSayIDo 3.10.18

Jeremyh & Janine
Twin Hearts / Gazebo Royale
Mar 10, 2018
Thor & Jyn

from FB : Thor & Jyn

Again, many thanks to you Ms Hazel and team!!!

Thor & Jyn
Immaculate Conception / Fernwood Gardens
Mar 17, 2018
Thor & Jyn

Amistad - Aguila Wedding

Thank you Hazel!!! Thanks to your team as well! Mejo wala pang energy kanina kaya ngayon lang nakapagreply sa mga tao:)

Thank you so much Ms. Hazel! Thank you sa mahabang patience mo samin:)

Sa susunod na wedding ulit namin ha! (Here in Londo:))

Thor & Jyn
Immaculate Conception / Fernwood Gardens
Mar 17, 2018
James & Dr. Julie

San Diego - Valencia Wedding

Thank you Ms. Hazel!

God bless you! Thank you for helping us and making sure na smooth flowing lahat. Thank you and God bless! :)

Thank you mam hazel, especially sa patience. :)

James & Dr. Julie
National Shrine of the Sacred Heart / Enderun Colleges
Apr 7, 2018
Robert & Rona

from FB : Robert & Rona

Thank you so much Hazel Estrella-Escarilla and the rest of the Eve Girls! we could have not survived our wedding

day without you guys! everything went smoothly as planned despite some minor challenges.

We were on time and we finished the reception early! Everything was organized! Everything was

fun! Words are not enough to express how grateful and thankful we are! we will definitely recommend you!

Wish you more events!

Robert & Rona
San Sebastian / Hotel Jen
Feb 18, 2018
JP & Dr. Nonna

Supplier Review

I made up my mind to book Ms.Hazel the moment Jp proposed :) Referred by my 2 very close friends, I know I made the right choice. Mam Hazel and her husband, Sir Raymond were the 1st supplier I met with as soon as I started our journey to #JpAndNonz25yearslater. They have this warm and sincere air around them as she wrote everything I was envisioning my wedding to be. She isnt the typical pushy, noisy coordinator who would always ask me & “make kulit” about my progress. She would simply remind me, send me the necessary emails and wait until I can finish my job. Having her and her team as my On-the-Day Coordinator was one of the best decisions I made for our wedding. She is like the fairy Godmother who is there on the sides making sure that everything and everyone is in place at just the right time. I didnt even need to worry about anything because the entire day from the preps to the end of the wedding was super smooth sailing. Godbless you more and your family! Me & Jp are truly grateful.

JP & Dr. Nonna
The Forest Barn
Feb 24, 2018
Our Services 


  • Ideal work starts 8 months to 1 year prior to the event
  • Conceptualization of the event
  • Budget planning
  • Sourcing of all wedding suppliers
  • Set-up appointments / meetings with desired suppliers
  • Wedding legal / church requirement assistance
  • Wedding checklist preparation
  • Program planning & management
  • With RSVP service
  • Includes On-the-Day Coordination Package


  • Ideal work starts 1-3 months prior to the event
  • Pre-Event meetings & consultations with
    the Bride and Groom
  • Recommend reliable wedding vendors
  • Provide complete checklist
  • Require the client to submit all final contracts
    for review and follow-ups
  • Finalization & execution of ceremony
    and reception details
  • Brief all participants regarding their roles
    during the ceremony / program 
  • Ocular inspection of the ceremony
    and reception venues
  • Program & Guest management
  • Supervise event from preparation until
    the end of the program
  • Includes 1 E-Vent Manager & 4-5 Coordinators equipped with 2-way radio
  • On-the-Day Coordination is applied on 3 locations only (Bride's Residence / Suite, Church & Reception)

Other E-Products & Services

  • Church Coordination Only
  • Reception Coordination Only
  • Program Management
  • RSVP Services
  • Missalettes / Photo Mosaic
  • Invitations / Souvenirs
  • Hair & Make-up Artist
  • LCD Projector & Screen
  • Photo & Video / Photo Booth
  • Emcee / Musicians / Sound System
  • Catering Services / Cakes
  • Floral Arrangements / Stylist
  • Live Butterflies
  • Mobile Bar / Bridar Car
  • Rings / Gowns / Mannequin
  • Thank You Cards / Tarpaulin
  • Bubble & Fog Machine / Poppers
  • Fireworks Display / Sky Lanterns


  • Ideal work starts 3-6 months prioer to the event
  • Sourcing of remaining suppliers needed
    (almost 50% of the suppliers have been booked already)
  • Program planning & management
  • With RSVP service
  • Includes On-the-Day Coordination Package